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Cathedral Forest
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Location: Field, British Columbia

Approach: easy, 2 min

Problems: 50+

Rating: *

Rock: quartzite

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Just off the Trans Canada in Yoho National Park, this large collection of quartzite boulders makes a great stop for travellers. Nestled in the Rockies, Cathedral Forest would be an idyllic setting, if it wasn’t for the constant noise of traffic and trains. While there are many established problems, most see little traffic and are pretty overgrown. If you’re willing to explore and do a little brushing, Cathedral Forest has a lot to offer.


The boulders are in Yoho National Park and a national park pass is required.


Bouldering in the Canadian Rockies, by Marcus Norman (2006). Note that we found the trails fairly overgrown and the topo difficult to follow.


Cathedral Forest is pretty high in elevation and therefore has a short summer season.


Between Lake Louise, AB and Field BC, just off the Trans Canada Highway. Park at the Spiral Tunnels Lookout (well-marked).


Carefully cross the highway. The first boulder will be barely visible through the trees. The rest of the boulders are spread out west and uphill of this boulder.


There are two campgrounds between Cathedral Forest and Field. Kicking Horse Campground has more facilities and Monarch is less expensive. All sites are available on a first-come first-served basis.


Both Field and Lake Louise have limited groceries available, but numerous restaurants.


The rock is a solid quartzite and the boulders appear to be the remnants of an old slide.


Field, BC has a visitor center with displays on the Burgess Shale, a famous fossil bed in Yoho National Park. Guided hikes to visit the shale are also available. Takakaw Fall are also located up the Kicking Horse Road from Kicking Horse Campground. They are an impressive site (and there’s a ridiculous 12 pitch 5.7 that climbs up beside the falls, goes through a 70m horizontal tunnel, and tops out at the top of the falls).


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