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Joe's Valley
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Location: Orangeville, Utah

Approach: 1-15 minutes, Varied


Rating: ****

Rock: Sandstone

With hundreds of boulders spread over a large area, Joe’s Valley has almost endless potential. There are hundreds of established lines and a wide variety, from pocketey faces, to cracks, to technical slab, to steep, stout problems. The rock is of varying quality, but the landings are generally good and the approaches to the established areas are short. The beautiful setting, convenient camping, ease of access and, most importantly, the quantity and quality of problems, makes Joe’s a destination.


The boulders are located on Manti-La Sal National Forest and BLM land and there are currently no restrictions. However, there are oil wells in the area. Stay away from platforms and respect the no access signs on their roads.


Climbing is best in the spring and fall. Summers are typically unbearably hot and, while there may be some good winter days, the mountain setting can mean snow and storms.


Free camping is available nearly everywhere on the BLM land. If you’d like picnic tables and convenient outhouses, there’s a National Forest campground at Joe’s Valley Reservoir, up the Left Fork, for $8 a night. The nearest motels are in Castle Dale, just east of Orangeville on Highway 10.


The Food Ranch in Orangeville has a full selection of groceries and a grill that serves pizza etc.


The boulders are sandstone of varying quality.


Joe’s Valley is pretty close to the middle of nowhere, so don’t expect a wild night life. The library in Orangeville has wireless access.


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