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Rock City
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Location: Salina, Kansas

Approach: 1 minute, Easy

Problems: ~30

Rating: *

Rock: Limestone

If you’re driving across Kansas and need a break from the continuous prairie, Rock City is great place to stop. The collection of spherical boulders plopped on a field is a unique spot to climb. While there are not a lot of hard problems, there are quite a few fun easy problems and the landings are perfectly flat.


Rock City is on private land and a $3 per person fee is charged.


Spring and fall are probably best.


In the Cretaceous period rivers deposited sand that was later deeply buried and compacted to form sandstone. In places about 20% of the original sandstone was replaced by calcite, which formed the more errosion resistant rock that became the Rock City boulders. After the formation of the concretions, differential erosion of the considerably softer sandstone surrounding them exposed as free-standing boulders.


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