your guide to a few bouldering destinations
Project 1 The Great Roof V4 **
Project 2 Zig Zag Crack V0- *

The Cliffline area is the talus field that sits just below the first climbing areas along the cliff.

The Great Roof is the unmistakable roof perched on your left, just after you enter the talus. The easiest way to get to the Zig Zag boulders is to skirt the base of the talus, cutting in as necessary depending on how much of a swamp there is (it can be bad in the spring). There are several other established problems (a couple on the boulder in front of the Zig Zag Crack), and potential for more.

The problems listed here reflect those documented in Calabogie Bouldering Guide.

Area Topo
The Great Roof V4 ** Zig Zag Crack V0- *
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