your guide to a few bouldering destinations
Project 1 Gatekeeper V2 **
Project 2 Solids in Suspension V2 **
Project 3 November V4 ***
Project 4 Trench Warfare V5 **
Project 5 The High Road V6 **
Project 6 The Low Road V8 *
Project 7 Solar Flare V3 ***
Project 8 Sunspot V2 *

These boulders are spread out just before the Gateway boulder. If you are hiking in on the main approach trail, Gatekeeper is to your left just before you hike up the small hill.

The problems listed here reflect those documented in Calabogie Bouldering Guide.

Area Topo
November V4 *** The High Road V6 ** Trench Warfare V5 ** Gatekeeper V2 ** Solar Flare V3 *** Solids in Suspension V2 ** The Low Road V8 * Sunspot V2 *
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