your guide to a few bouldering destinations
Project 1 Siege Tactics V5 ***
Project 2 Uphill Battle V5 *
Project 3 White Flag V0- *
Project 4 Call of Duty V0- ***
Project 5 War of Attrition V0- **
Project 6 Ledge Project V5 *
Project 7 The Forgotten V2
Project 8 Crescent Moon V3 **
Project 9 Crotch Notch V2 ***
Project 10 Lockdown V0 **
Project 11 Westside Story V8 ***
Project Intro to Westside Story V11 **
Project 12 potential

Watch out for some poison ivy along a short section of the trail up to the Warfare boulder.

The problems listed here reflect those documented in Calabogie Bouldering Guide.

Area Topo
crappy problem 1 V0 A Dark and Hungry God Arises Project Uphill Battle V5 * White Flag V0- * War of Attrition V0 Beachhead V0 Siege Tactics V5 *** Ledge Project Project This Day All Gods Die Project
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