your guide to a few bouldering destinations
The Shrine
Project 1 Mamma Sita V3
Project 2 meditation project
Project 3 Meditation V6 ***
Project 4 La Vie d'un Chien V1
Project 5 slab V0-
Project 7 Diedre V3 ***
Project 7 Bozo V4 ***
Project 8 All Shook Up V5
Project 9 Papa Hard Ass V5 ***
Project 10 Ahimsa V3
Project 11 Gypsy Boy V4
Project 12 Red Code V3
Project 13 Cowgirl V1
Project 14 I Feel Dirty V1
Project 15 Quartzite V1 *
Project 16 Fungaloid V0
Project 17 seam V0-
Project 18 crack V0
Project 19 super project
Project 20 Louis' Secret V4
Project 21 Mr. Something Something V2 **
Project 22 It's Ms. Annie to You V2 **
Project 23 Mr. Bobblehead Goes Bouldering V4
Area Topo
xXx V3 *** Bozo V4 *** slab V0- Mamma Sita V3 meditation project Project Meditation V6 *** La Vie d'un Chien V1 All Shook Up V5 Papa Hard Ass V5 *** Ahimsa V3 Gypsy Boy V4 Red Code V3 Cowgirl V1 I Feel Dirty V1 Quartzite V1 * Fungaloid V0 crack V0 super project Project Louis' Secret V4 Mr. Something Something V2 ** It's Ms. Annie to You V2 ** Mr. Bobblehead Goes Bouldering V4 seam V0-
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