your guide to a few bouldering destinations
Project 1 The Facebook Insult V3 *
Project 2 Heavy Fest V2
Project 3 Heavy Duty V1 *
Project 4 Squamish Buttress V2 *
Project 5 Over the Rainbow V0- **
Project 6 Banana Peel V0 ***
Project 7 Diedre V0- ***
Project 8 Dreamcatcher V0 ***
Project 9 Cobra Crack V0- *
Project 10 Angel's Crest V1 **
Project 11 The Grand Wall V0 *
Project 12 The Ultimate Everything V1 *
Project 13 Zombie Roof V3 *

Continuing past the cliffline talus, a faint trail will take you to the two large boulders of New Squamish. A great place to warm up if you don't mind the extra approach. The problems aren't quite as epic as their namesakes, but there are a couple of good easy ones. A steep trail will take you down the hill and back to the main approach trail. You can also continue on a faint trail to scramble down the talus to Gatekeeper.

The problems listed here reflect those documented in Calabogie Bouldering Guide.

Area Topo
Cobra Crack V0- * Heavy Duty V1 ** The Facebook Insult V3 ** Over the Rainbow V0- ** Squamish Buttress V2 * Banana Peel V0 *** Diedre V0- *** Dreamcatcher V0 *** Angel's Crest V1 ** The Grand Wall V0 * The Ultimate Everything V1 * Zombie Roof V3 * Heavy Fest V2
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