your guide to a few bouldering destinations


Our rating of a problem takes into account many factors, including features, movement, rock quality, aesthetics, and landings. Keep in mind that some of these factors are very subjective, so your opinion may vary, but hopefully our rating will give you an general indication of how worthwhile it is to try a problem.

A problem with no stars really has no redeeming features. It is probably only worth trying once you've exhausted the other problems in the area.
* This problem is worth trying only if it's convenient. You probably wouldn't go out of your way to give it a go.
** This problem is generally considered to be good and is worth trying.
*** This is one of the better problems of the destination and you should definitely try it if you are there.
**** A stand out problem that is not to be missed. You would travel to the destination just to try it.
***** This problem epitomizes bouldering. It's probably tall, proud, obvious, beautiful and inspiring.


All of the grades currently listed on Topout use the V scale grading system.

The established grade is the currently accepted grade of the problem, usually given by the first ascentionist. Note that grading can be highly suggestive and that not all destinations are graded equally.

The consensus grade is the average of the grades that the users of Topout have given the problem.


Indicates of how high off the ground the problem will take you.


Some of the descriptions may seem minimal or vague. We believe that part of the challenge and enjoyment of bouldering is figuring out how to send a problem. None of our descriptions contain any beta. Unless otherwise specified you are welcome to user whatever holds you can reach. Some problems are obvious and some may require creative thinking to unlock the sequence that works for you.

Where heights are used to describe the location of holds, these are generally described from the point of view of a person approximately 6 feet tall.



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