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Baconao Biosphere Reserve
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Location: Las Guasimas, Santiago de Cuba

Approach: 5 minutes, easy

Problems: 100+

Rating: ***

Rock: Granite


Prado de las Esculturas is public park but it's still best to let the park staff know that you will be climbing in the area. They are usually sitting in or around the building near the entrance to the park. The other areas are on private property. Climbers should always ask for permission before climbing in these areas. The locals are friendly and will most likely allow for you to climb.


The dry season is from November to April and it's the best time to climb. Keep in mind that the temperatures can go as high as the 36 degrees Celsius, so bring lots of water!


The area is east of Santiago du Cuba in the Baconao Biosphere Reserve. To reach the park from the Sanitago airport, follow the road “Circunvalacion” and turn right on “Carratera de Siboney”. The town of Las Guasimas is on the left side of the road about 15 Km from the airport. The area is just outside the town.


From Las Guasimas take the road signposted to La Gran Piedra and after 200 m you will find the contemplative park "Prado de las Esculturas" on the left. Walk down the the road going through the park and you will see the majority of the boulders. More boulders can also be found on private land around the park. About one kilometer south from La Gran Piedra intersection, turn left onto a small dirt road. About 200 m down the road there will be a small hill on the left side with several large boulders. On the right side of the road there are a few houses that make up the village. Beyond the house there are another 4 large boulders. Always ask for permission before going on some one's land. There are many more boulders on the large farm opposite of the Park. These boulders have yet to be explored.


The best way to stay in the area is in a "Casa Particular" which is a private home made to accommodate tourists. There are many Casas in the town of Siboney and within Santiago de Cuba. Siboney is in between the Prado and El Oasis roughly 3 km from either location. The best way to reach the Prado is by "Gua Gua" which is a transport truck converted into a bus. They only cost 2 pesos and travel regularly all day. There is also a campsite near Juragua beach (Campismo Juragua) and a all-inclusive resort (Resort Bucanero) further down the coast from Siboney. They are closer to El Oasis but much further from the Prado.


The closest restaurant is in Siboney so it's best to pack a lunch. There are very few markets or shops (although that is slowly changing).


The Baconao Biosphere Reserve has hiking trails, a lagoon with crocodiles, botanical gardens and a prehistoric park with life-size dinosaur models. The coral reef near Siboney is great for snorkeling/Scuba diving. The area is also historically significant. Just outside the Prado there is a memorial in English for American soldiers that died in the Battle of Las Guasimas.


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