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Halfway Log Dump
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Location: Tobermory, Ontario

Approach: 20 minutes, Easy

Problems: 100+

Rating: **

Rock: Limestone

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Located on the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula, and spread along the shore of Georgian Bay, Halfway Log Dump is a unique and beautiful destination. The boulders are clean and solid, and sit on rocky shelves that extend into the crystal clear waters of Lake Huron, providing a great opportunity to cool off between sends on those hot summer days.

Depending on the water level of the lake, you may find a couple of inches of water below some problems. Even if the water level is low, there are often puddles around some of the boulders. A tarp can come in handy in keeping your crash pad dry if you care about such things.


Halfway Log Dump is part of Bruce Peninsula National Park and climbers are represented by the Ontario Access Coalition. There is a parking fee of $11.70 per vehicle that can be paid at the self-registration station at the parking lot.

There is a history of access issues here, and bouldering was not permitted at all for many years due to environmental impact concerns. Bouldering is permitted only on a section of boulders directly on the shore of the lake. Please do not venture into the forest in search of problems. The highest priority of Parks Canada is to preserve the natural resources of the park, so please strive to leave no trace.


The Ontario Access Coalition has put together an excellent guide, An Interpretive Bouldering Guide to Halfway Log Dump, that is freely available on the web. Be sure to read through it. In addition to documenting the problems, it gives a thorough overview of the area, history and environmental issues that you need to be aware of to ensure bouldering can continue here in the future.


Halfway Log Dump is an ideal summer destination, as the average highs rarely go above the mid-20ís Celsius (mid-70ís F). Even if itís unseasonably hot, that just means swimming in the ice cold waters will be all the more enjoyable.

Biting flies can be bad for a few weeks in mid to late summer. Be warned. The road into Halfway Log Dump is closed during the winter. If you arenít sure of the roadís status, you can contact the park (519-596-2233) to find out if it is open.


Halfway Log Dump is located on the Bruce Peninsula, just south of Tobermory. From Wiarton, head north on highway 6 for approximately 62 km and turn right on Emmett Smith road. Follow this for about 6.5 km to a fork in the road. Stay left and continue another 1.5km to the obvious parking lot.


From the parking lot follow the obvious trail for 1 km all the way to the shore. Head left for another 500 m to the first bouldering area.


There are many camping and motel options on the Bruce Peninsula. Unfortunately none of them are cheap. To explore all your options, you can check out

The Cyprus Lake campground, located in the park, is the closest place to stay and is open year round. Reservations are strongly recommended during the summer months, as the campground is typically packed full of vacationers. You can make reservations at or by calling 1-877-737-3783.


The nearest source of food is in Tobermory, which boasts a few restaurants and a small (and pricey) grocery store. If you are spending any amount of time in the area, you will want to stock up on supplies from home, or as you head through Wiarton.


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