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Standing Rock
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Location: Hazlet, Saskatchewan

Approach: 1 minute, Easy

Problems: ~10

Rating: *

Rock: Granite

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If you are driving across the country on the Trans Canada Highway, you will travel through a vast expanse of nothing but prairie. Standing Rock, a glacial erratic about an hour from the #1, is definitely not a destination, but it makes a pretty good spot for the traveling boulderer to stretch their legs.

The lone boulder is 12 feet high and has about 10 problems, ranging from V0 to V5, with a couple of projects that may be harder.


Standing Rock is a historic site and there are pictographs on the boulder. While there are no access issues, it is best to keep a low profile.


There are no known guides for Standing Rock, and you really don't need one. Go there and have fun!


Spring, summer and fall are best.


Standing Rock is located just outside of the small town of Hazlet, Saskatchewan. From the Trans Canada Highway, take SK-37 North at Gull Lake and follow it for 32.9 km (20.5 mi). Turn left on Hwy 332. After 14.6 km (9.1 mi) turn left into a laneway and park at its end.


Follow the obvious trail for about 500 feet to the boulder.


The coffee shop in Hazlet, Coffee Thyme, serves a great slice of pie.


The boulder is Hudson Bay granite, which was moved during the Wisconsin glaciation about 14 000 years ago. The collapsed portion of the boulder reportedly fell in about 1850.


There are no known guides for this destination.


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