your guide to a few bouldering destinations
Niagara Glen
Project 1 ArĂȘte V0
Project 2 Old Man Gloom V10 ***
Project 3 Zozorba V12 ***
Project 4 Gary's Highball V4
Project 5 Semblance V3 **
Project 6 PP's Problem V3 **
Project 7 PP's Traverse V4 **
Project 8 Hydraulic V5 **
Project 9 Mud Pies V3
Project 10 Penalty Hang V1
Project 11 Nice Set of Jugs V1
Project 12 White Dragon V7
Project 13 Gender Offender V2
Project 14 At the Beach V6 **
Project 15 Joe Unit V4 **
Project 16 Action Potential V5 **
Project 17 Razer's Edge V2
Project 18 Second Thoughts V4
Project On Thirst Fought V4
Project 19 Insane V1
Project 20 The Stand V6
Project 21 Don't Cry Darrell, It's Only V3 V0
Project 22 The Great Wall of China V5 ***
Project 23 Nine Year Old Sneakers V2
Project 24 Schwagon Dragon V4
Project 25 Amores Perros V6 *
Project 26 Dogtooth Spar V4 **
Project 27 Unknown V0
Project 28 Unknown V0
Project 29 Draco V2
Project 30 Mortal Combat V3
Project 31 Black Magic V6
Area Topo
Semblance V3 ** PP's Problem V3 ** PP's Traverse V4 ** Hydraulic V5 ** Mud Pies V3 Penalty Hang V1 Nice Set of Jugs V1 At the Beach V6 ** Joe Unit V4 ** Action Potential V5 ** Razer's Edge V2 Second Thoughts V4 Insane V1 The Stand V6 Don't Cry Darrell, It's Only V3 V0 The Great Wall of China V5 *** Nine Year Old Sneakers V2 Schwagon Dragon  V4 Amores Perros V6 * Dogtooth Spar V4 ** Unknown V0 Unknown V0 Draco V2 Mortal Combat V3 Black Magic V6 White Dragon V7 Gender Offender V2 On Thirst Fought V4 Arete V0 Old Man Gloom V10 *** Zozorba V12 *** Gary's Highball V4
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